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Teach Foundational Skills Confidently

Magnetic Reading Foundations for Grades K–2 invites students to begin their learning journey and sets a solid foundation for developing reading comprehension with Magnetic Reading for Grades 3–5 down the line. It includes everything you need for explicit, systematic foundational skills instruction:

  • Teacher’s Guide that establishes routines and boosts confidence
  • Student Workbooks for daily practice and weekly cumulative reviews
  • Magnetic Reading Library with the right texts for growing readers
  • Foundational skills program cards for new skills practice
  • Digital Access (through the Teacher Toolbox)

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Magnetic Reading Library: The Right Texts for Growing Readers

Engaging texts provide the opportunity for students to practice and apply concepts as they grow through the program.

  • Alphabet Books: Simple and mostly visual texts help prepare students for Magnetic Readers by building children’s concepts of print, alphabet knowledge, and oral language.
  • Magnetic Readers: Highly readable texts on connected real-world topics give children opportunities to practice new phonics and high-frequency word skills.
  • Alphabet Tales, Magnetic Reading Foundations’ Big Book: Teachers can introduce each new letter and teach concepts of print through alphabet rhymes, engaging illustrations, and new words.
  • Duet Passages: With their scaffolded supports, these texts provide an entry point to Connected Texts. Students learn to decode and build from short phrases to sentences.
  • Connected Texts: Students apply their phonics skills and high-frequency words to highly decodable texts. They focus on accuracy in reading fluency and build reading stamina.

Assessment Tied to Instruction

Unit Assessments and Weekly Assessments allow you to use real-time data to make informed decisions about Instructional Next Steps for your whole class, small group, or individual instruction. The Unit Assessments and Weekly Assessments allow you to identify the exact skills that students have mastered or still need support with.

To get the most out of assessment data, you can link Unit Assessment and Weekly Assessment results to the Instructional Next Steps, which include specific examples of how to reteach a particular skill. With the Unit Assessments and Weekly Assessments, you'll feel prepared, confident, and supported as you guide your students toward mastery of foundational skills.

Sample Assessments for Magnetic Reading Foundations
Sample pages from Magnetic Reading Foundations.

Covers All Foundational Skills Domains

Magnetic Reading Foundations teaches all foundational skills domains, including:

  • Phonological Awareness
  • Concepts of Print
  • Phonics
  • High-Frequency Words
  • Word Analysis
  • Letter Formation
  • Fluency