Classroom Decodable Library Set for Grades K–2

Motivate Your Youngest Students with Decodable Readers They’ll Love

Ignite a lifelong love of reading with texts that captivate and challenge your Grades K–2 readers! Students will build fluency and begin to build background knowledge as they practice decoding.

These decodable readers are:

  • Highly engaging, with practice opportunities for building phonics, high-frequency word skills, and fluency
  • Essential for beginning to build background knowledge through connected fiction and nonfiction texts
  • Easy to use with any foundational skills program
  • Ideal for solidifying skills in both whole class and small group settings

Essential Foundational Skills Resources

No matter what foundational skills program you use, these sets provide the supplemental resources you need to fill any gaps in skill building:

  • The back cover provides an at-a-glance map of the unit story and high-frequency words deliberately sequenced in each Magnetic Reader.
  • With 30 weeks of content, there’s no more spending time searching for stories to support your lessons throughout the year.
  • Instructional guidance is included to help you use the Magnetic Readers in a variety of settings.

Explore the Decodable Readers

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Attractive to Young Students

50 percent of the Magnetic Readers are nonfiction, and build science and social studies knowledge through their topically aligned content. For both fiction and nonfiction selections, these short, engaging texts gradually build confidence and reading independence.

Included in each grade-level set:

Readers featuring appealing text for practicing skills in context

  • Grade K:
    • Alphabet Tales Big Book filled with great stories used for teaching modeling of concepts of print and introducing letters and sounds
    • Six copies each of 26 Alphabet Books for introducing letters and sounds and reviewing concepts of print
    • Six copies each of 30 decodable (Magnetic) Readers
  • Grades 1 and 2:
    • Six copies each of 30 decodable (Magnetic) readers for a full year of fresh and fun reading

Foundational Skills Cards to empower instruction while teaching skills

  • Articulation Cards: Practice letters and their sounds.
  • Word Building Cards: Build letter recognition.
  • Sound-Spelling Cards: Connect letters with sounds.
  • Super Word Cards: Learn high-frequency words.

For striving readers in Grades 3+, see our PHONICS for Reading research-based intervention program for older students.


How to Use Magnetic Readers

These comprehensible and primarily visual 8–16 page books are designed to be introduced beginning in the middle of Grade K and continuing through Grades 1 and 2:

  • Offer Magnetic Readers across four sessions per week with 15–20 minutes per session.
  • If using alongside another foundational skills curriculum, choose readers that practice weekly phonics skills and look for any high-frequency words you may need to preteach using the Magnetic Classroom Library Set word cards. A reference page is included to help pair the cards with the lessons.
  • If your school uses Magnetic Reading Foundations for Grades K–2 as your foundational skills program, the Magnetic Readers are 100 percent correlated with those lessons and content.
  • Get the most from your Magnetic Readers by:
    • Adding them to your classroom library for access during independent reading time
    • As a reteaching resource in your small group blocks
    • As additional practice in center rotations
    • As mentor texts during writing sessions